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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Get to the JOKE Already! Episode 2 of The Wednesday Hump by KCMB News Kansas City

The gang comes back strong on Episode 2 of The Wednesday Hump Comedy Radio Show. George Carlin reminds us that back in the 70's people's attention span was so long that you could take 10 minutes to get to a joke as a stand up comedian and still get a laugh. Episode 2 brings us Mikey, Christos, Carly and Adam and the gang discusses the Royals chances in the Playoffs, the struggling Kansas City Chiefs and of course a lot of smack talk stemming from fantasy football. This week Christos tells us wild stories from nightclubs in the deep of night, Adam performs at Union Station,  plays some golf and goes to the American Royal BBQ at Arrowhead Stadium and Carly comes in mid-show with some great What the Fawk?! antidotes. Let's rock! And happy Hump Day everyone :)

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